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1 year ago

Lionel Messi wins the 2012 Ballon d'Or

BySportsmail Reporter

Updated: 03:28 EST, 10 January 2012

Lionel Messi was awarded the particular FIFA Ballon d'Or for that third successive year.

Barcelona's 24-year-old Argentina striker beat team-mate Xavi and also Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo to the title in the world's greatest player.

Messi, man of the match within the Champions League final in 2011, also won the actual Primera Division, Spanish Supercopa, UEFA Super Cup and Club world Cup last year.

Top prize: Argentina's Lionel Messi won the Ballon D'Or for that thi</p></article>
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1 year ago

Why do British people say "Father Christmas" and Americans say "Santa Claus"?

Nicholas was a Christian leader Santa Calls from Myra

(in modern day-day Turkey) in the 4th century AD.

As a protector of young children, St Nicholas is referred to as Father Christmas.

In Brazil Father Christmas is Papai Noel.

In Belgium he is referred to as de Kerstman or le Pere Noel.

In France Pere Noel.

In Germany he is named Santa Calls Father 'Der Weihnachtsmann.

North America is multi-cultural and typically calls Father Christmas

by his other name Santa Claus.

Father Christmas is based on a true particular person, St. Nicholas) to Santa Claus as a natural

phonetic alteration from the German Sankt Niklaus and Dutch Sinterklaas. It is stated that one particular day, he climbed the roof of a residence

and dropped a purse of cash down the chimney. American adjustments in look also changed

the saints name (St. It landed

in the stocking which a girl had place to dry by the fire! This may

clarify the belief that Father Christmas comes down the chimney

and locations gifts in children's stockings.

They mean the identical thing but there are cultural variations

in appearance and names. The American Santa Claus

was born even though Europe kept the name Father Christmas.

. In the USA his image as Santa Clause

was formed by artists in the mid 1800's. He was really shy,

and wanted to give cash to poor folks with no them knowing

about it. Nicholas,

which Calls from Santa explains his other name 'Santa Claus' which comes from

the Dutch 'Sinterklaas'. In Holland he is Sinterklaas which explains the English words

Santa Claus

1 year ago

British Independent Film Awards 2015

British Independent Film Awards 2015 Complete Winners List! | 2015 Moet British Independent Film Awards : Just Jared

The winners have officially been revealed right after wrapping up the 2015 Mo?t British Independent Film Awards!

Tom Hardy, Saoirse Ronan, and many more brought residence the gold throughout the star-studded ceremony. Another large prize, the Most Promising Newcomer award, was presented to Abigail Hardingham for her breakthrough efficiency in Nina Forever.

Congrats to all the winners!

Click inside for the full list of winners for the BIFAs...

1 year ago

Free Online Courses and Certificates

Cost-free Online Courses and Certificates

If there's one point we increasingly need these days it is a lot more education. The planet is changing so rapidly around us that it is effortless to get left behind. Possibly you work long hours, or perhaps you are geographically unable to participate in courses. Whatever the reason it really is frustrating for you to not be able to understand new capabilities simply, or to undertake expert coaching or certification.

The Internet can assist you participate in on-line classes, online courses, self-paced understanding and even certification in some subjects.

Beneath are a selection of some great courses that you can do for free of charge, on the web courses and certification that you can do in your personal time, wherever you are - and with out cost.

Some of these courses will hopefully be in a position to aid you do any of:

Get back into the modern day workplaceBuild confidenceGet IT certificationsTake that next step up the profession ladderChange profession entirelyProvide proof to prospective employers of your Naughty List Certificate commitment to lifetime-learningPursue your interests, or explore new areasHelp you to start off a new enterprise, or create a second income

... in brief, to be far more fulfilled, more capable and much more employable!


Who the heck is Alison? Nicely, ALISON is the world's top provider of free of charge on the internet courses with certificates for standard and essential workplace skills.

Alison is a training organisation committed to bringing cost-free finding out and free education to people worldwide. The courses are higher good quality and can give you with that all important certification, or as I contact them "magic bits of paper" that get your resume study by employers.

Possessing an active and recent list of subjects you have studied will demonstrate to an employer that you are actively enhancing your skillset - and by taking courses relevant to the sector you want to function, or progress, in you can stand head and shoulders above these who just never ever bothered.

The totally free online courses you can take with the Alison online finding out technique incorporate:

Digital Literacy and IT Expertise: Enabling you to use computer systems and technologies effectively. Courses from full novices to sophisticated certification. Complete Microsoft Workplace coaching, touch typing, employing gmail - you pick from a massive range of free online courses.Diploma Courses: Expert level diplomas in a range of subjects like multimedia development, web development, enterprise & entrepreneurial research.Company and Enterprise Capabilities: Cost-free project management courses and free of charge enterprise management courses. Best for that 'step up' the career ladder.Monetary and Financial Literacy: From economics, to accountancy, these free financial and economic literacy courses and certification could support get you noticed for applications to enter the financial industry.Overall health & Security Compliance: Occupational health and safety courses, office safety, fire security, manual handling, Workstation Ergonomics (DSE) and managing health and security in schools. The planet of health and security is immense (and a increasing market), providing excellent future jobs prospective.Well being Literacy: From simple biology courses to HIV/AIDS awareness. An perfect entry point if you're contemplating functioning in the healthcare market.English Language Capabilities: English language training, organization English, FCE Certification coming shortly.Personal Development & Soft Skills: Psychometric tests, fundamental study capabilities, touch typing, US Citizenship test preparation - and a lot more.Schools Curriculum: Subjects covering the school curricula, ideal for existing students or returners to education. Biology, mathematics, science and a lot more.

Get a Certificate: All courses supply you the decision of receiving a printed certificate at the end, or not. Wonderful to take to job interviews.

1 year ago


He knows who you are.

The one letter they all wanted to write was to Santa at the North Pole.

She's been that for the past 17 years, ever because a teacher at Bassett Street Elementary College in Van Nuys told her about a literacy program the teachers had been starting, and how they wanted to encourage their kids to create letters. You can level with Santa. Byline: DENNIS McCARTHY

The little ones hold practically nothing back. Much more than 100 individuals have stepped forward to turn into Santa's Helpers, adopting the youngsters in Crane's priority pile.

The letters from children not wanting anything for themselves, but for their mommy due to the fact she's

1 year ago

Karen Huff Klein: Funds for bullied bus monitor, 68, soar past $500,000

Every thing began out as usual, she told the station. Occasionally worse than other instances.

Also on Anderson Cooper360, the host revealed that Southwest Airlines was supplying to fly her and nine friends to Disneyland. When I saw the video, I was disgusted and could not think I did that.

But Mrs Klein wasnt acquiring all of it. Steve Chatterton stated criminally charging the boys would call for their actions to rise to the level of a crime, but the conduct has not been discovered to attain that level.

Rather, Klein mentioned she hopes the boys' parents will see the video of the attack and talk to their children about being 'a little more respectful'.

She added

1 year ago

Is it right to insult the faith of others? The pope says no. What say you?

i say it depends on geography, law and culture.

In the planet we live in, exactly where organised religion is all too typically far more about the survival and dominance of 'The Company' than belief, I fear we would find that a universally accepted 'You Should Not Insult The Faith(s)' would quickly become 'You Can not Question The Faith(s)'. Certainly, for some believers, this is currently so.

That is not acceptable in the nation in which I live without a adjust in both the law and the culture. Importantly, it would bring to an end the acceptance of 'deorum injuriae diis curae' (offences to the gods are dealt with by the gods), which in the UK has been the legal rule, with handful of notable exceptions, for almost a century.

Cultures stick to different paths and in all societies, dominant cultures make the Nice List Certificate rules. If I travel to a place exactly where it is unacceptable to kiss in public, I will not kiss in public - in a lot the identical way as I would not walk in by way of a person else's front door with a lit cigarette.

Nevertheless, in my personal home the guidelines may possibly not accord with what a person from a diverse place wishes to see. The west (in a simplistic way in my opinion) likes to feel it has a long tradition of 'nothing is sacred' where journalism is concerned. As a result there will inevitably be articles, etc Good List Certificate that will be in poor taste, cruel, nasty, ignorant and so on.

That is a price we all potentially pay, because a totally free press is free of charge to say what it wishes about any of us or anything we hold dear and if they break no law ... nicely, you know the rest.

If someone objects, they have a perfect proper to that objection. If they are offended, they have every appropriate to be offended. They may be 'right' to be each.

But the dominant culture has the proper to merely shrug it is collective shoulders and not really give a toss. In the modern day west, for it to do otherwise would be the western cultural turkey voting for Christmas.

1 year ago

letter to santa help please!!?

. and you wished to be specific it got delivered, would you location a stamp on the envelope?

If the answer Santa Letters is, "YES!" Then place a stamp on the envelope to Santa.

Have a polite day.

If, "No," then do not and see how far it gets Letter from Santa on it's personal. Let's test this with a "substitution" example: If you wished to mail a letter to your rich great aunt who has no living heirs and is in the hospital on her deathbed, wishing her all the very best for a speedy Santa Letters recovery and sending your great enjoy to her..

1 year ago

Can you Spot the Similaritys between Satan and Santa

Red, White & Black are often employed inside the symbolism for your elite 'Masters' in the world

* Lady throughout Red (often utilized in entertainment) - has been said to be able to represent a new distraction, your lure of money & power, tying individuals towards the physical plane. Red is considered to represent the actual bloodlines of those who believe they may possibly be superior, in-control; 'God' of this domain. This kind of puts people subject to your Cash Lenders (bankers). Several outstanding thoughts expressed here. Red is the colour of the base Chakra, connecting folks towards the physical, material world. Inside your alphabet, you can find 6 letters between your letters regarding H along with O. Crisis solutions have reached his or her busiest more than the actual Christmas period associated with time & family members counseling solutions (such as Relate in the UK) experience the enormous surge throughout client requests following Christmas.

. Seems in which Santa is perhaps the greatest distraction, wielding the great offer of wealth & power, luring individuals to encounter his or her basest, nearly all materialistic & competitive selves.

* Ho, ho, ho. That seems that the role involving Santa continues in order to be well thought out - however possibly certainly not within the method that folks are aware of.

A few a lot more ideas: -

* Claus reassembled spells Lucas - which can easily be utilized as a new possible abbreviated version of Lucifer

* people are generally inspired to buy issues for various other people in which they do certainly not need, as well as often want - along with that usually the particular giver can not afford. Therefore, this phrase which Santa Claus (Satan Lucas) expresses can be said to represent 666, the variety of your beast/Satan

Could almost all these items always be by simply chance? I consider not.

Though it really is marketed as a period of adore & joy, Christmas causes a large quantity involving problems inside society. Duality could be accustomed to produce opposing forces - an excellent way to divide & control the actual people, acquire these phones kill the some other person (in sacrifice?). Christ had been recognized to get really angry with money Lenders as his or perhaps her trade will be evil.

* Santa's outfit (including beard) is constructed of 3 colours: Black, White & Red

Black & White represent duality, great & evil, love & fear. Because well because the debt problem, due to end up being able to overspending about indulgent & unnecessary items, there is certainly intense stress about families. Big debt accruals are very common

1 year ago

GOOD TASTES. - Free Online Library


GODIVA: The grand prize in this year's Godiva Chocolatier's Valentine's Day promotion is a new BMW six Series Coupe (not but obtainable at U.S. dealerships) and a trip for two to attend the BMW Driving School in Spartanburg, S.C. (valued at far more than $70,000). The winning certificate for the auto along with certificates for one hundred 1st-prize romantic European vacations for two will be found nestled in choose boxes (Valentine's Day Ballotin, Satin Heart, Satin Truffle Heart, Grande Need Gift Box, Heart's Wish Present Box and Accurate Enjoy Heart) of Godiva's sophisticated Symphony in Red 2004 Valentine's Day collection ($23 and up). The collection is available at Godiva boutiques and chosen department and specialty Good List Certificates retailers, or contact (800) 946-3482. Excellent luck!

SEE'S CANDIES: Splurge on the old standby See's for all sorts and sizes of Valentine-shaped boxes of candies along with particular novelty items like a modest heart tin filled with heart-shaped foil-wrapped milk chocolate candies hot cinnamon candy hearts bags of red foil hearts and much more. Don't forget the Tuxedo Heart, filled with a pound of chocolates, for the man in your life. Quit by the retailers, order on the web at or call (800) 347-7337.

- Natalie Haughton


For a unique Valentine's Day present for the beer and chocolate lover, opt for a bottle of the new Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock. Samuel Adams teamed up with Scharffen Berger Chocolate to generate the brew made to appeal to the palates of beer and chocolate connoisseurs. The restricted-edition beer (50,000 bottles brewed), packaged in a 750 milliliter bottle with an embossed pewter label, has a suggested retail price of $14.99. It can accompany a meal (the organization notes it's very Good List Certificates good with roasted chicken or mixed sausage grill) or be served for dessert by itself or with chocolate or mocha cheesecake, chocolate mousse, mascarpone cheese and fresh fruit, and so on. Choose up a bottle at Duke of Bourbon (20908 Roscoe Blvd., Canoga Park, telephone: 818-341-1234) and other retailers.

- N.H.


Pronounced ``loo-chay'' and meaning ``light'' in Italian, a single may surmise that the new Luce in Beverly Hills cooks the meals of Italy.

Not actually. Yes, you are going to find pastas on the menu, but the Luce kitchen under the direction of chef Richard Earle seems to be more mainstream American with upscale twists.

The ten entrees ($18 to $33) consist of beef, chicken, lamb and a quartet of fish plates. But Earle spruces up his rack of lamb ($28) with a pine-nut crust, a touch of red curry and accompanies the coned stack of chops with a sweet potato and eggplant tart and a spear or two of asparagus.

He evidently likes creating eggplant tarts. There's 1 with manchego cheese ($10) on his appetizer list ($9 to $15). But burrata cheese with yellow and red tomatoes ($12) drizzled with olive oil could end up becoming the star starter at Luce.

Luce at 301 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, and featuring a dramatic raised ebony bar, is open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays and for dinner from 6 to 11 p.m. nightly except Sundays. Info and reservations: (310) 275-2900.

- Larry Lipson


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